Om du är sugen på att fly in i en värld av äventyr,
att spränga din bekvämlighetszon och
utmana både din kropp och ditt sinne –
kom och upplev extrem spänning hos oss på
Vimmerby Adventure! 

vi har öppet från och med

Påsk 2021!

kl. 10:00 - 19:00


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Sveriges största och säkraste* äventyrspark!
* 8 olika banor med över 80 stationer *
 * En Svarta bana på 18 meters höjd *
(minimum ålder: 16)
 * Vi har klätterbanor för barn *
(minst längt: 100cm)
GRATIS ingång för tittare,
du betalar bara för höghöjdsbana)

* TÜV certifierad

Frequently asked questions

I am a single parent. Will I be able to have an Au Pair?

Absolutely! It might take a little longer to find the right Au Pair for your family, but many single-parent homes have enjoyed the benefits of having an Au Pair.

Is it possible for us to host a male Au Pair?

Of course! The majority of Au Pair candidates are female, but there are also many qualified male Au Pairs available.

What happens if it just doesn't work out?

It's a good idea to let some time pass before assuming there are irreconcilable differences, perhaps a month. The Au Pair may need a little time to settle in and the you may need a little time to get accustomed to the new family member. It is always good to be open to the Au Pair if there is something you are not comfortable with, eg. they way she/he works, their time management, etc. Mismatches are a rare occurrence. If difficulties continue, we will rematch you with a different Au Pair as soon as possible.

How about flight ticket, insurance, and language course?

Families in Sweden and The Netherlands are expected to pay for the Au Pair ticket at least one way from home or to home. However, for Danish and Norwegian Families, you are expected to pay the Au Pair's roundtrip flights according to the Danish and Norwegian Au Pair Scheme regulation. All families from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway need to provide the Au Pair an insurance and pay for the Au Pair's language course. Families in The Netherlands are only expected to provide insurance not required to pay for the language course.

We have three children. Do we pay extra to the Au Pair?

No. What you pay to the Au Pair is not related to the number of children you have. However, you can always decide if you want to pay the Au Pair higher than the minimum pocket money.

How long will it be before our Au Pair arrives?

The time it takes to find an Au Pair varies, depending on the specific needs of your family and the availability of an Au Pair with corresponding qualifications. If you require an Au Pair immediately, kindly let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your family!

Will our Au Pair be able to care for an infant? Is there an additional fee?

Yes, your Au Pair will be able to care for your infant child. There is no additional fee for caring for infants.


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Upp till 4 år                  gratis
Från 4 till 8 år*         150 SEK
Från 9 till 15 år         350 SEK
16 år och äldre         450 SEK

* endast två banor på 1 meter och en bana på 4 meter

Familjepris höghöjdsbana:

2 vuxna med 3 barn 1395 SEK

2 vuxna med 2 barn 1295 SEK

2 vuxna med 1 barn 1050 SEK

1 vuxna med 2 barn   895 SEK



5 - 10 personer      5%

11 - 15 personer     10%

16 - 20 personer    15%

21 - 30 personer     20% 

31 - 50 personer    25%

50+  personer         30%


Från 20 studenter 200 SEK per person


Från 4 till 8 år          495 SEK

Från 9 till 15 år        1155 SEK

16 år och äldre        1490 SEK


10 minuters avstånd från Astrid Lindgrens värld.

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59 872 Södra Vi

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